Client Bill Of Rights x215As I promise to you, my client, the highest standard of care possible, you may feel comfortable vesting your full confidence, good faith, reliance and trust in me to act for your sole benefit and interests.

As your real estate agent, I have been bound to act for - and on behalf - of you in the business of buying or selling real estate to the close of the transaction. This gives rise to the highest legal and ethical relationship of trust and confidence between I as your fiduciary, and you as my client.

When acting as your real estate agent, you are owed the following fiduciary duties:

    • Undivided Loyalty - I will never advance any interests adverse to your own now will I conduct your business to benefit myself or others.

    • Obedience - I will act subject to your continuous control by never exceeding the scope of the authority conferred by you and by always obtaining and following your lawful instructions.

    • Reasonable Care - I will protect you from foreseeable risks of harm; I will exercise such care, skill and competence necessary to ensure the transaction of your business to your very best advantage; and I will take care to recommend that you obtain expert advice or assistance when your needs are outside the scope of my expertise.

    • Confidentiality - I will never use or communicate information given or acquired by me confidentially within the scope of representation as your agent.

    • Full Disclosure - I will disclose affirmatively all information concerning the transaction of your business, which might affect your best interests.

    • Accountability - I will promptly report to you all monies and property received and paid out and, upon request, render an accounting and return all money and property lawfully belonging to you.

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