Award-winning realtor Steve Aranda is not your typical listing agent.

Steve has honed a rich breadth of real estate knowledge and experience by performing in various capacities within the field, being involved professionally in thousands of successfully closed escrows over the past thirteen years.

Specializing in Northeast Los Angeles, and the Northwest San Gabriel Valley, Steve is an active real estate investor, a former mortgage banker, a foreclosure specialist, and a top gun listing agent. As a result of diverse experience, Steve has the unique ability to understand real estate transactions from many different perspectives.

"When I see a home that a client wants me to list, I visualize it from different angles," states Aranda. He draws on his banking background when necessary. For instance, if a home is in a moderate price range, and in a neighborhood where offers with FHA loans are likely, Steve knows that the home will need to be prepared specifically to satisfy FHA lenders.

"The Federal Housing Administration is a strict entity, and won't fund a loan on a home with seemingly minor issues," says Steve. "Issues like a broken window, or even chipping paint will stop an FHA loan in its tracks. We'll address those issues thoroughly, before the home ever hits the market to ensure a smooth closing."

His unique background as a successful mortgage banker, however, isn't the only item that separates Steve from the average agent. It isn't uncommon for Steve to go to a listing appointment and to see a home through the eyes of a potential investor or property flipper. One of most interesting and "think-out-of-the-box" strategies that Aranda employs in selling real estate is termed an "Equity Split."

In this creative sales scenario, Steve will reach into his own pocket and direct a crew of workers to improve a property – inside and out – to its highest possible value. This might mean light renovations such as updating a kitchen and baths, or it might mean taking a dilapidated property, gutting it, and completing a major remodel. After the improvements have been made, the home will sell for top dollar. Steve is reimbursed what he spent to renovate the property, and he and the homeowner split the newly created equity.

"Northeast LA has an abundance of character homes with deferred maintenance," Aranda says. "When a property has been restored correctly, it not only adds value to the investment when it sells, but it increases the value of every other similar home in the neighborhood, improving the community. A rehab project can be expensive and frustrating for most people, not only because they lack the funds, but also the know-how. My background, and financial resources allow me to take on the most complex projects, and finish in a timely, efficient manner, netting my sellers absolute top dollar."

Steve was born and raised in Northeast Los Angeles and has lived in the communities of Eagle Rock, Highland Park and others. While not pursuing real estate deals, Steve practices Brazilian Jiujitsu, rides road bikes, reads voraciously and is a former professional opera singer. He currently resides in the San Gabriel Valley community of San Marino with his wife and two sons.

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