Browsing to Buy – In the Smart Way to Go

Browsing to buyYou can look for your next home by a number of methods. Consider each of the following – not necessarily as an either/or choice between them, but each as a means to refine your search:

BROWSE ONLINE – You can access listing services as well as “for sale by owner” offerings on your own. That’s ok. If you see something intriguing, you can make contact with the seller – either through a sales agent (for new, large developments), a Realtor or the owners themselves. In each case, the person or persons you speak with will be advocating for the seller’s interests.

VISIT OPEN HOUSES – While many open house events are geared to showcasing a property to other Realtors, an unrepresented buyer is welcome to attend as well. Expect to be handed business cards from multiple parties who would like to show you other properties.

TOUR PROPERTIES WITH YOUR REALTOR – This is the method by which you have a licensed professional looking out for your best interests. Your Realtor will focus a your search among all properties on the market (and sometimes some that aren’t officially listed). Just as important, your Realtor wants you to be happy after your purchase. So he or she will look for the downsides of a property as much as what makes it desirable.

Allow me to help you zero in on properties that are right for you. I probably can save you time – but more to the point, there’s a good chance I will help you find the home that fits your needs, your expectations, your style of living and, yes, even your dreams.

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