Your Resourceful Realtor: Find, Finance and Inhabit

You have thousands of realtors to choose from in Los Angeles. But if you are thinking about buying or selling a home in Northeast LA, I have a few things to offer that are to your advantage:

I reside in NELA – My interest in real estate began 13 years ago, when my wife and I remodeled a home that ended up on HGTV. The exception housing stock in a range of prices make this an exciting place to work and live.

Exceptional understanding of financing – Along the way I became both an investor and a mortgage banker. I discovered the financial opportunities – and risks – of buying and selling homes. Every homeowner should think of his or her property as a place to live, but also as a critical investment decision.

The art of the home – Almost every home has challenges and opportunities. Before I was a Realtor and mortgage banker, I was an opera singer. So indulge me when I wax rhapsodic on a foyer, a kitchen view, the fireplace, the woodwork, the local fauna or a garden. These are the elements that make a house a home. Good property can have the voice of Pavrotti, Tian, Bublé or Sinatra – or at least be the right place to listen to them.

Each of these things is in addition to the standard tools of real estate brokerage: Access to Multiple Listing Services, marketing tools (traditional and social media) and networking within the industry. From my experience in finance, I can also help you identify who to work with on financing and help you locate an appropriate real estate attorney for your closing.

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