BungalowVeranda life in NELA is increasingly popular and accessible.

It is no accident that Northeast Los Angeles, NELA as it is now called, holds thousands of Bungalow homes. The area was first settled in the 19th century, but a population increase and new house construction really hit their stride in the first few decades of the 20th century, just when Bungalow-style residences were most popular worldwide. Hence, varying sizes of what are referred to as California Bungalows were built by the thousands in places that include Pasadena, Glassell Park, Altadena, Alhambra, Mt. Washington, Eagle Rock and Highland Park.

The defining characteristics of all Bungalows usually include a front veranda, sloping roofs, exposed rafters under eaves, and a center gable. Most are single-story buildings, but some Bungalows include a built-out second floor while others have half-raised basements that might be appropriate for dens, extra bedrooms, entertainments space (particularly on hillsides that open to a downslope) and utilities. Exterior materials vary, with wood shingles, stucco or horizontal siding offset by stone or brick chimneys.

Confusing matters a bit, Bungalows can also be Craftsman-style homes with Arts & Crafts features. Magnificent examples are some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s finest homes. In fact, Wright derived his Prairie Style homes somewhat from Bungalows, where the generous eaves shield the home from hot summer sun while the lower angle of a winter sun can still enter. More elaborate Bungalows feature handcrafted (Arts & Crafts) woodwork, glass and metal in building interiors.

Because Bungalows are largely single-story structures, occupants who want to avoid stairways prefer them. Built in clusters, they tend to foster lower neighborhood density and privacy, as no one building towers over others. Some very large, very expensive Bungalows exist in Southern California, but many more were built as middle class housing of a more modest size. Restored, these homes are increasingly valued in NELA, selling in the $400,000 to $800,000 range.

To find a California Bungalow (or any style home), contact Steve Aranda at 360 Real Estate Group (323-868-6242). Steve is an expert in buying and selling real estate in NELA, having represented buyers and sellers in the area for the past 13 years.

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